Grief Diaries: Living Homeless

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As a homeless person, your plight was often ignored by society. Some treated you with compassion while others tossed you away. Finding a meal and a hot shower become daily challenges.
Sharing your story alongside others in our book project about living homeless will help shed insight into your world, raise compassion for your challenges, and promote better understanding of how our society can improve support for those who face the same struggles. 
Inside every human is a story worth sharing, so join us in sharing your journey with the world in Grief Diaries: Living Homeless.

TO APPLY:  It's easy to join the project!  Simply read rules and information below including contract and indemnity agreement. Then follow these simple instructions:

  • Select either Contributor ($0) or Co-Author (+$450).  Select ADD TO CART.  If applying for more than one book, select KEEP SHOPPING, otherwise select CHECKOUT.
  • Complete BILLING INFORMATION, then select CONTINUE.
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  • Within a few minutes, you will receive an email receipt.
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  • This is an application only, and does not guarantee your acceptance into the Grief Diaries series.  Acceptance notification will be sent to the email listed in this application.
  • Each book is an anthology, a collection of responses by different people contained within the same book.
  • If you've faced more than one journey, you're invited to participate in more than one book.  Please complete a registration for each book and add it to your shopping cart before checking out.
  • Unless you choose to use a pen name (see Q&A below), your real name will be published in the book(s).
  • Each book project/title will be published when a minimum of fifteen participants have registered.
  • Each submission will be edited for gross grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors. Contributions may be shortened where necessary to fit within the book’s format. 
You may participate two ways:
  • As a contributor. Contributors do not share in publishing costs and are therefore uncompensated for their submissions.
  • As a co-author (+$450). Co-authors share in publishing costs and, in return, earn a percentage of royalties. The publisher retains all other rights including cover, formatting, etc. If you are not accepted as a co-author, your money will be refunded


What is an anthology?  An anthology is a collection of responses from a variety of people about the same subject collected into one book.

Who can participate?  Anyone who has been through that journey and desires to share their story.  One does not need to be a professional writer or published author to participate.  

How does it work?  This is a guided project. In the beginning, you’ll be asked to write about your journey in 1200 words or less. You'll also receive a set of questions to answer.  Your responses can be as short or long as you want, from just a few sentences up to 1200 words.  You have six weeks to submit your answers.  Most participants answer a few questions each week rather than all at once, but you are welcome to move through the questions at your own pace.  Although not required, every participant will be invited into a secret (closed) Facebook group where you'll join fellow participants.  In that group you can ask questions, share concerns, and celebrate triumphs in relation to this project.

What kind of questions will I have to answer?  The focus of the questions will be on your personal journey through your loss.  If a question is too painful for you to answer, pass over it.  You can always come back to it later.

Do I have to answer every question?  No, but please answer at least ten.

Can I use a pen name?  Yes, if you wish (but register in your real name). Using a pen name will protect the ones you love from potentially hurtful information, and allow you to be completely transparent and truthful. Your registration should be in your legal name, though your true identity will remain confidential.

Does it cost anything?  Participation is free for those who want to contributor their story without receiving royalties. Co-authors pay $450 (per title) which goes towards publication costs and, in return, receive a share of royalties. Contributors and co-authors adhere to the same agreements and rules. Co-authors will be listed in the book as co-authors with their name on the front cover. Contributors will be listed in the book as contributors.

May I participate in more than one book?  Yes. Simply select KEEP SHOPPING and register for the next book you wish to participate in. There is no limit as long as you have personal experience with each subject.

May I participate on behalf of someone else?  No. All submissions must be first-person accounts.

I would like to participate as a co-author, but can't afford it right now. May I make payments? No, but you can apply as a contributor and upgrade your status to co-author any time prior to going to print.

Can I buy my book to resell?  Yes. Both contributors and co-authors are granted wholesale privileges for the title(s) they participate in.  Through AlyBlue Media you can buy a few books for family and friends, or a caseload for resell via your own website and/or book signings and keep the revenue. There is no minimum quantity of books you need to order. Co-authors will also receive royalties from books sold through major distributors.  Royalties are paid quarterly.

Where will the books be available?  It will be published both in print and digital formats, and available to all major distributors including (but not limited to) Amazon and Barnes & Nobles. Smaller privately-owned booksellers in your community may carry the titles at their discretion (this usually depends upon how much shelf space they have).

Who is the principal author? Lynda Cheldelin Fell, the creator of Grief Diaries. To learn more about Lynda, visit

Who is the publisher?  AlyBlue Media.  For more information, visit

By completing and submitting this application, I hereby apply to be a co-author in this Grief Diaries book.  I, and the company I hereby represent (if any), understand that upon acceptance by the publisher, AlyBlue Media, I agree to adhere to the contract and Indemnity Agreement printed below.  Furthermore, I hereby release my submissions to AlyBlue Media, and grant full anthology rights to the Grief Diaries book series.  

By completing and submitting this application, I hereby apply to be an unpaid contributor in this Grief Diaries book.  I, and the company I hereby represent (if any), understand that upon acceptance by the publisher, AlyBlue Media, I agree to adhere to the contract and Indemnity Agreement printed below. Furthermore, I hereby release my submissions to AlyBlue Media and grant full anthology rights to the Grief Diaries book series. 

By completing and submitting this application and agreement, and if my application is accepted, I agree to participate in the Grief Diaries series as outlined above.  As such, I hereby agree to release my submissions to AlyBlue Media with full anthology rights.  I also agree to at all times hereafter indemnify and hold harmless AlyBlue Media and its agents, employees, directors and officers, against any and all suits, actions, proceedings, claims, liabilities, and demands which may be made or alleged as a direct or indirect consequence of my contributions, errors or omissions, of any kind whatsoever, resulting from or caused by the exercise by my contributions of any of its rights under this agreement.  This indemnity provision shall include all liabilities and losses including, but not limited to, claims asserted or made against the author or publisher directly or indirectly resulting from the sole or concurrent negligence of the author or publisher and/or damages of any kind whatsoever, including without limitation reasonable attorney’s fees and court fees and court costs incurred by AlyBlue Media.  If a court of competent jurisdiction rules invalid and/or unenforceable any of the provisions or interpretations of this indemnity clause, each of such provisions or interpretations ruled invalid or unenforceable shall be disregarded, but the remainder of this indemnity provision shall be given full force and effect.